Wounded Army veteran, motivational speaker and author Sgt. Noah Galloway opened up about his battle to overcome devastating physical injuries sustained on the battlefield in Iraq and the lingering mental health issues that he confronted after returning home.

“I always encourage people to get mental health … we thought that admitting that you needed help was weakness,” he said, “Now I see it as, after going through five years of depression, letting that darkness take over … that’s weakness. It takes real strength to stand up and get help. It took me five years.”

The decorated, double-amputee war veteran spoke with Fox Nation host John Rich on “The Pursuit! with John Rich” about patriotism, challenges and determination.

“The whole idea for this show… is the Constitution does not guarantee us happiness. It guarantees us the right to pursue happiness,” said Rich. “It’s what we call the American dream. You know why we call it the American dream? Because it is limitless and we all have a right to it. And it’s secured by our veterans and our active-duty military personnel — period.”

Galloway was first introduced to millions of Americans in 2016 when he competed on the reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars.” A few years before that, he was featured on the cover of “Men’s Health” magazine and dubbed the “Ultimate” guy. But his road to celebrity was anything but glamorous.

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Source: Matt London/Fox News