About Us

The Kniestedt Foundation was established in 2015 in appreciation of those who have committed their lives to the service of our country and our communities. In cooperation with Gravick Consulting Firm and Gravick Ranch, the foundation provides exceptional hunting experiences for those currently serving and veterans of the Unites States Armed Forces. The members of this partnership believe the sports of hunting and shooting empower individuals by providing an opportunity to connect with nature, challenge the mind to greater focus and engage the body in physical activity. The staff of the Kniestedt Foundation recognizes the challenges that our nation’s heroes and their families face. To that end, the foundation is committed to facilitating connections with other community resources to assist them and their families in easing the stress of daily life as well as achieving long-term goals.

Kniestedt Foundation

James Kniestedt, a veteran of United States Army Special Forces, has seen the sacrifice of the brave men and women that serve our nation in various capacities. Forced to retire due to combat related injuries, he has dedicated a large portion of his time to assisting those currently serving, those who have served and their families overcome the challenges of everyday life.
Our programs are open to those currently serving and veterans of the United States Armed Forces. We work with the United States Government, Department of Veterans Affairs, other organizations and associations to help improve quality of life for our veterans.
Our nation’s heroes have dedicated part of their lives to us, to serve us, protect us and allow us to enjoy our lives. They face enormous challenges due to their service and our goal is to make sure they are able to enjoy their life to the fullest.
Lets work together. The Kniestedt Foundation strives to provide our nation’s heroes and their families with opportunities to enjoy their lives. Help us and together we will make difference!

Guiding Principles

  • Respect for individuals and communities
  • Maintaining integrity of all individuals at all times
  • Connecting individuals to create a network of resources and awareness
  • Empowering individuals to do things they had no idea they could