What began as one man’s vision to help the community around him has blossomed into a foundation committed to helping our nation’s heroes recognize and achieve their full potential as they return to civilian life. James Kniestedt, a veteran of United States Army Special Forces, has gone through intense combat and has seen the sacrifice of our brave service men and women. Forced to retire due to combat related injuries, he has dedicated a large portion of his time to those who have and are currently serving our nation and their families overcome the challenges of everyday life.


Our nation’s heroes dedicated part of their lives to us, to serve us, protect us and allow us to enjoy our lives. They selflessly volunteered for duty, left their families and comforts of civilian life to risk their health and lives for the benefit of all Americans. In many cases, they have paid a heavy price. In appreciation, the Kniestedt Foundation wants to give back. Our goal is to make sure these individuals and their families are able to enjoy their life to the fullest.


The Kniestedt Foundation is based in Texas. Our programs are open to all veterans of the United States Armed Forces and those currently serving. We work with the U.S. Government, Veterans Affairs, and other organizations to help improve quality of life for those who have and are currently serving our great nation. With a streamlined operation and dedicated volunteer staff, our foundation strives to keep operational expenses to a minimum so that we effectively deliver resources and results. Our foundation also provides additional personal support as needed.


James Kniestedt


Jim is a veteran of United States Army Special Forces and founder of the Kniestedt Foundation. Jim is also the President and CEO of Gravick Group, a privately-held company that offers a suite of Security consulting and training programs, Executive level risk mitigation training, tactical training, executive protection training, and solutions to both public and private sector.

Joe Rhodes


Joe has been with the Kniestedt Foundation since its inception. As the foundation has grown, so has his role.  Joe has a rich history of promoting the outdoors to individuals of all ages as an avenue for healing and growth in self confidence.  In addition to planning the foundation’s events he also plays a pivotal role in continuing the relationships created.

“Our nation’s heroes and their families have all sacrificed, many gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are committed to serving all of them.”
James Kniestedt • President


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