The Kniestedt Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the “We’ve Got Their 6” Fundraiser.  This online/social media based fundraiser will run the entire month of June. Starting June 1st, for every $6 donation the Kniestedt Foundation receives the donor’s name will be entered into a drawing for gear.

There will be a drawing on every 6th day of the month, for a total of 5 drawings (June 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th and 30th) and 5 winners. Each drawing will take place at 6pm CST live on Facebook. Entries into the drawing will be capped at ten entries and anyone not drawn will have their entry rolled over into the next drawing.  All are welcomed and strongly encouraged to share this opportunity with their their email and social media contacts. 100% of all money donated during this fundraiser will be used for future events for veterans.

  • For every $6 donation received throughout the month of June, donor’s names will be entered into a drawing to take place at 6pm CST every 6th day of June.
  • Once you donate please share this opportunity with social media and email contacts.
  • If not drawn, your entries will be rolled into the next drawing.You are welcome to donate as much as you like, but entries will be capped at 10.
  • 100% of all donations will go towards future events for veterans.

To submit your donation and participate in the “We’ve Got Their 6” Fundraiser please visit this link

We’ve Got Their 6