The transition out of military service is never simple, but Three Points Racing is here to help military veterans transition their skills to the race track.

Executive Director Terry Houin describes how Three Points Racing came about and how they are looking to help veterans make the often difficult transition out of service.

Houin gave us some background on how the idea for TPR came about, a deeper look at their mission, and how the combination of military and racing is a natural fit.

KC: You served 26 years in the special operations community. What are some of the biggest lessons you learned during your time serving?

TH: I’ve been a part of the military and the SEAL community for 26 years, which is my entire adult life. Everything I’ve become has been strongly influenced by this community and the people I’ve served with. Taking a deeper look at it, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to be confident and aggressive. Taking action is the typically best answer for any situation instead of trying to overthink it. What sets us apart and gives us the ability to take action is that we have the skills and training to prepare us for just about any situation and we have enough humility to not step over the line and take bad risks, it keeps everyone safe. If I look back at all of the missions I’ve been a part of I can think of maybe a handful that actually went as planned, most had something change along the way that required us to adapt. It’s a big thing for us to thrive in the chaos of battle because we have such a high level of training and trust our instincts and our teammates the Chaos doesn’t get to us. The biggest lessons I learned are being confident, aggressive, and taking action. This doesn’t just apply to the operational battlefield but in every aspect of life.

KC: How did Three Points Racing get started?

TH:  Three Points Racing got started simply from the conversation with a teammate about life after the military and how hard the transition is. One of my passions is to continue to help my fellow veterans, so we wanted to do something for them but we weren’t sure what to do. We spent about an hour talking about the transition process and where we could make a positive impact on veterans and idea of Three Points Racing was born.

The fundamental basis of our program is to translate veterans’ experiences and skills, train them for different positions, and help in the transition into these positions and jobs. We chose racing and motorsports as the platform as its natural fit for high performing, teamwork minded veterans.

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