Under Location you will find (Resident) or (All) this means that you must be a Resident of the State for the pass or it’s available to All Veterans.

Location Pass Link Information Type
Federal (All) Access Pass Free for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities. Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship. Park Pass
Alaska (All) Disabled Veteran’s Annual Camping Pass The legislature granted Disabled Veterans (DAV) the right to receive one Alaska State Park Camping Pass free of charge (AS 41.21.026(d)). The DAV Camping Pass, which is valid in all developed Alaska State Park campgrounds, is good for two years. Camping Pass
Arizona (All & Resident) Arizona Annual Pass All Active Military, Guard and Reserve 50 percent off day use entrance. 50 percent off day use Pass to all disabled military. Please bring your VA-Certified proof of service connected disability along with your license. Resident: Retired 50% off Day-Use; 100% Disabled Free Day-Use. Park Pass
Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism provides Arkansas resident veterans, who have a permanent service connected 100% disabilityrate, the ability to camp for half price in Arkansas State Parks. Camping Discount
California(Resident) Distinguished Veterans Pass Honorably discharged war veterans who are residents of California with an overall / combined rating at 50% or greater service-connected disability, or were held as prisoners of war by forces hostile to the United States, or recipients of the Medal of Honor are eligible to receive the Distinguished Veteran Pass (formerly Disabled War Veteran/Prisoner of War Pass). Entitles the holder to the use of all basic facilities (including day use, camping and boating) in California State Parks at no charge. Park & Camping Pass
 Colorado (All & Resident)
Columbine Pass Active duty and veterans are admitted free to Colorado state parks for the month of August. The Columbine Pass​ offers discounted access to Colorado’s state parks for Colorado residents who have a documented total and permanent disability. The Columbine Pass is $14 per year and is transferable between vehicles. Park Pass Discount
Connecticut(Resident) Disabled Veteran Pass The Disabled Veteran Pass provides access to the State Parks and Forests and is available free to Connecticut residents who have a service connected disability. Free admittance is also provided for the Disabled Veteran Pass holder when visiting Gillette Castle, Dinosaur or Fort Trumbull State Parks. Park Pass
Delaware(Resident) Delaware Military Pass This legislation authorizes the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation to reduce the cost of an annual pass by 50% for military members who are permanent residents of the State of Delaware. Park Pass Discount
Florida (All) Annual Entrance Pass 25% discount on Annual Entrance Passes for active duty and honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces, National Guard or reserve units of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard & Free Lifetime Military Entrance Passes* for honorably discharged United States veterans who have service-connected disabilities. Park Pass
Georgia (Resident) State Park Entrance Fee Reduction Veterans with a discharge from the armed forces of the United States under honorable conditions and a rating by the VA for a service-connected disability are eligible for a 25 percent reduction of the entrance fee to state parks, historical sites, and recreational areas, if they are Georgia residents. Park Discount
Hawaii  No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
Idaho (Resident) Disabled Veteran Program Idaho Veterans determined to be 100% disabled, having 100% service-related disabilities, with written proof from the Idaho Department of Veteran’s Affairs are eligible for IDPR program. The program entitles eligible Idaho Veterans to free Idaho State Park day-use access and one free campsite per overnight stay. Park & Camping Pass
Illinois (Resident) Disability Certification Card Every Veteran who is a resident of Illinois and Disabled by the permanent loss of use of a leg or both legs or an arm or both arms or any combination thereof, or any person who is severely disabled as to be unable to move without the aid of crutches or a wheelchair; or is receiving 100% service connected disability compensation benefits either from the Veterans Administration or military disability retired pay (other than TDRL, Temporary Disability Retired List); or is a former prisoner of war as identified by the Veterans Administration or other United States governmental agency. Camping Pass & Discounts
Indiana (Resident) Indiana Golden Hoosier Permit Indiana residents who are former POWs or their surviving spouses are entitled to a free Indiana Golden Hoosier Permit.  Indiana residents who qualify for a DAV1 or DAV2 license plate, may purchase an Indiana Golden Hoosier Permit regardless of age. Park Pass
Iowa (Resident)
Kansas (All) Kansas State Parks Passport Kansas residents (except seniors and persons with disabilities) and owners of vehicles not registered in Kansas who buy their park vehicle permits at a KDWPT office or vendor will have to pay the regular price for annual and daily permits. Park Pass
Kentucky(Resident) Information Kentucky POWs camp for free (with POW card issued by KY Dept. of Parks). Lodging Benefit is only for veterans who are 100% disabled as a direct result of a service-connected incident and is a current Kentucky resident. Available for a maximum of three overnight stays / calendar year, three nights max for each visit, subject to availability. Camping & Lodging
Louisiana (All) Information Free admission to all sites is provided for Disabled Veterans with State Park Permit. Eligible veterans may apply for the permit by contacting their local parish veterans service office. Visitors who hold an America the Beautiful Senior or Access Pass, and whose home State Park system honor these America the Beautiful Passes for overnight discounts, are entitled to a 50% reduction on camping fees at Louisiana State Parks. Park Pass & Camping Discount
Maine (Resident) Lifetime Veteran Park Pass & Veteran Park Pass The Commissioner of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, in accordance with a memorandum of agreement entered into with the Commissioner of Conservation and this section, shall issue a free day use pass to state parks and historic sites to eligible Maine veterans. 100% service-connected: Free Unlimited Day-Use, Shelter Fees, Family Camping & Group Camping covers Vet, Spouse and unmarried children. Other Veterans receive free day-use and individual shelter fees. Park Pass
Maryland (All) Universal Disability Pass The Universal Disability Pass is a free lifetime pass that does not require renewal. The Universal Disability Pass permits the holder and one other person free entrance to day-use facilities at Maryland State Parks and Forests, where there are service fees associated with entrance. This Pass does not cover automated gate entrance systems or service charges in the park such as camping, boat launch, rentals, bus parking, other concessions or special charges. Identification may be requested when the Pass is presented. Park Pass
Day-Use Park Discount Any veteran of the United States Armed Forces is to be charged one-half (50%) of the applicable day-use entrance charge. This discount applies to both resident and out-of-state veterans. The half-price discount is applicable to the veteran only and not others in the same vehicle, unless a per-vehicle charge is in effect at the time. In that case, the per-vehicle fee is discounted by 50%. Park Discount
Massachusetts(All) Annual Mass Parks Pass Parking Fee Waiver Day use parking fees are waived for vehicles issued an Annual MassParks Pass, in addition to holders of a Senior MassParks Pass and vehicles bearing a handicapped license plate or placard, Purple Heart Recipient license plate or disabled veteran license plate, from any state. These waivers do not apply to camping fees and their use is subject to available parking. Free Parking
Michigan  No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
Minnesota  No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
Mississippi  No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
Missouri (All) Camping Discount  A $2 per night camping discount is available year-round for senior citizens (65 years and older) and persons with disabilities.  This discount should be asked for at the time of fee payment. A state-issued disabled hang tag; disabled vehicle license plate; federal Golden Access Passport or America the Beautiful – Access Pass; formal letter from the Social Security Administration or Veteran’s Administration; signed letter or documentation from doctor for proof. Camping Discount
Montana No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
Nevada (Resident) Disabled Veteran Permit This permit is issued to a disabled veteran who resides in Nevada and can show proof of a permanent service-connective disability of 10 percent or more from the Department of Veterans Affairs and was Honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States. The permit provides the holder unlimited entrance to all parks and use of camping and boat launch facilities in the parks for 12 months after the date the permit is used. Park Pass
New Hampshire(Resident) New Hampshire Disabled Veterans New Hampshire disabled veterans are admitted free of charge at all day-use parks. Special number plates issued to disabled veterans or a letter issued by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs certifying that the veteran suffers from a service-connected disability shall constitute satisfactory proof under this section. Park Pass
New Jersey(Resident) No Camping or Park information found for Veterans. Please CONTACT ME if you have information.
New Mexico(Resident) Disabled Veteran Free State Parks, Museums & Monuments Pass Free State Park Pass for New Mexico Resident Veterans rated 50% or more Disabled by the V.A. One Free Access pass for unlimited entry into State Museums and Monuments. One Annual Day-use Pass for unlimited entry into State Parks or Recreation Areas, and 1 3-day camping pass per year. Park & Museums Pass
New York(Resident) Access Pass  An Access Pass permits a resident of New York State with a permanent disability, as defined in the attached application, free use of parks, historic sites, and recreational facilities operated by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Certification from the United States Veterans Administration or the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs that I am a veteran of the wars of the United States with a 40% or greater service connected disability. Park Pass
North Carolina(All) Senior Citizen and Military Discount  Senior and Military discounts are available for visitors age 62 and older. The discounts are $6 for all campgrounds with the exception of primitive sites. Age verification will be required upon arrival. An ID showing military status will be required for veterans and/or military seeking the discount.  Discounts do not apply to primitive campsites.  Camp Discount
North Dakota(Resident) Disabled Veteran North Dakota veterans with a 50 percent or greater, service-related disability and former POWs are eligible for one free annual permit. All other North Dakota veterans with service related disabilities may purchase an annual permit for $28. Requires VA proof of disability or North Dakota DAV/POW license plates.  Park Pass
Ohio (Resident) Veteran Discount Camping: Free camping for Ohio residents who are former prisoners of war or who are honorably discharged veterans with a permanent and total disability as determined by the Veterans Administration.  Park Pass
Oklahoma(Resident) Admission to State Parks All honorably discharged veterans who are currently Oklahoma residents shall be allowed free admission to all state-owned or state–operated parks and museums. Park & Museum Pass
Oregon (All) Special Access Pass We offer free camping and free parking at day-use fee parks to U.S. veterans with any level of service-connected disability and Active duty U.S. military on official leave. The Special Access Pass is for veterans with a service-connected disability. Eligible U.S. military members on leave are reimbursed for their campsite and day-use costs. Both benefits are subject to some restrictions.  Park Pass
Pennsylvania  No Information Found. CONTACT ME
Rhode Island(Resident)  Disability Pass  Any veteran who is a resident of the state, and who is shall be determined under applicable federal law by the Veteran’s Administration of the United States of America to be totally disabled through service connected disability shall be exempt from paying any fee to play golf at the Goddard Park Golf Course.  Park & Golf Pass
South Carolina (Resident) State Park Benefits for Totally Disabled Persons Provides that any South Carolina resident who is a permanently and totally disabled veteranmay enter any state park at a reduced rate upon presentation of supporting disability documentation. The veteran may also apply for a reduced fee “Palmetto Passport.” Certain services may require an additional fee. Park Discount
South Dakota(Resident) Disabled Veterans Lifetime Pass  Any South Dakota resident who meets one of the following criteria may apply for a free park entrance license good at any South Dakota state park or recreation area*. A veterans allotment for a total disability which is deemed a service-connected injury, The United States Veterans Administration “K” Award, or was held as a prisoner of war. Park Pass & Camping Discount
 Tennessee(Resident)  Veteran Discount  A Tennessee veterans’ discount for camping within our state parks is available during the off-season. The discount is 50% off of our standard nightly base rates depending on the type of site chosen. Premium sites excluded. This camping discount is available to Tennessee residents showing proof of prior military duty. Camping Discount
  Texas (All) Texas Parklands Passport  The Veterans passport allows free entry to Texas state parks for U.S. veterans with a 60 percent or more service-connected disability or loss of lower extremity. Present one of the following to get your passport: (1) Disabled Veterans of Texas license plate receipt, (2) Veteran’s award letter (which establishes the degree of disability), (3) Tax exemption letter for Texas veterans.  Park Pass
 Utah (Resident) Veteran’s Honor Pass Free Honor Pass to qualified veterans who are Utah residents and who were honorably discharged, and have a service related disability rating of 50% or greater. They are not valid at This is the Place Heritage Park. The Honor Pass is also not valid for special fees and charges within state parks including camping fees, golf greens fees, special program fees, etc.  Park Pass
 Vermont (Resident) Green Mountain Passport $2 lifetime day-use pass available to VT residents who: Are 62 years of age or older OR Are veterans honorably discharged from active duty in the US armed services. Only available from your local town clerk’s office (Not much online information about this, if a VT Veteran can CONTACT ME with more information. Thank you)  Park Discount
 Virginia (All) Veteran disability passport  No charge. Covers vehicle parking and admission for the pass holder and anyone needed to assist the pass holder at parks and facilities with per person admission. Covers boat launch and horse trailer parking. This pass also includes a 50% discount on camping, swimming, shelters and equipment rental (park operated rentals only). Requires a service connected disability rating of 100%.  Park Pass
 Washington (Resident) Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass  Free camping / moorage, campsite reservations through State Parks central reservations system, watercraft launching, trailer dump and day-use entry. Valid year-round. Offered to Washington state residents with a documented service-connected disability of at least 30%. Proof of identification will be required at check-in.  Park Pass
West Virginia (All & Resident) Veterans Salute  A variety of any-time discounts or seasonal rate offers are made available to all military personnel who have served or currently in reserve or active duty. Identification or proof of military service may be required. A WV driver’s license with the Veteran logo is preferred. It has a US as a flag with Veteran in the lower right hand corner of a WV Driver’s License. However, use of military ID showing retired or active duty is also welcomed and accepted.  Park Discounts
 Wisconsin (Resident)
Wisconsin Resident Disabled Veteran or Former POW Park Admission Card  At least 70% disabled, service related OR former POW. (Free 2/year or Lifetime) Park Admission & Trail Pass
 Wyoming (Resident) Wyoming Resident Veterans Lifetime Permit  Any Wyoming resident veteran who receives fifty percent (50%) or more service connected disability compensation from the United States department of veteran’s affairs may apply to the department for a lifetime permit authorizing the use of state parks, recreation areas, archaeological sites and historic sites without payment of any daily use, overnight or other fee authorized to be charged pursuant to this section. Thank you for your service!  Park Pass

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