On May 27, 2017, eleven physicians from Texas attended a one day training seminar at Gravick Ranch to raise funds for the Kniestedt Foundation. The full day program was designed to provide defensive training for physicians so that in the event of an emergency, they are prepared to properly use firearms to safely protect themselves and others. Through the generosity of the participants, the event raised $3,575.00 toward the mission of the Kniestedt Foundation.

Under the organization of veteran Dr. Kip Owen, the physicians focused on two aspects of firearm training. The seminar began with defensive pistol training in the morning, and after lunch, concentrated on defensive carbine training. The instruction was led by former Delta Force Operator and firearms expert, Kelly Venden. Venden served in the Special Forces with Gravick Ranch owner James Kniestedt.  In addition to Venden and Kniestedt, several foundation staff members provided support including Ranch Manager Jeff Beck, Eric Hinojosa, and Michael Walker.

While repetition in a gun range can be helpful as a basic training method, both Venden and Kniestedt stress the importance of being able to handle guns in a wide variety of unpredictable situations. The ranch has several training areas to recreate unique scenarios, including mock buildings and vehicles. After working through the fundamentals of defensive pistol training early in the day, the physicians focused on refining their skills through defensive carbine training.

Because marksmanship requires commitment in order to become consistent, Kniestedt encourages gun owners to practice regularly. Gravick Ranch staff is available to provide a variety of firearm education programs. If you are interested in scheduling a Kniestedt Foundation Training Fundraiser at Gravick Ranch please contact either Joe Rhode (jrhodes@gravickgroup.com) or Eric Hinojosa (erich@gravickgroup.com)