For the first time since the foundation was established in 2015 the Kniestedt Foundation will be hosting a Missouri based hunting and fishing event for veterans. The event will feature premier turkey hunting and crappie fishing just outside the Northern Missouri town of Perry.

The Kniestedt Foundation will be joined at the event by a Veteran of the United States Air Force and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Both Veterans are located full time in Wisconsin and were awarded this trip as part of a drawing the foundation hosted at Deer Fest in the summer of 2018. The event will kick off with a Thursday April 25th arrival.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings will be filled with turkey hunting as this point in the season will allow for two two birds to be taken per each veteran. The afternoons and evenings will consists of fishing, food and camaraderie.

The event will conclude on the afternoon of Sunday April 28th. The Veterans will be joined on the hunt by The Break TV guides and cameramen Joe Hoehn and Jeremiah Kohlfeld. The hunt will be aired during the 2019 season of The Break on the Pursuit Channel.

For information on how you can assist in supporting this event please contact Kniestedt Foundation Project Manager Joe Rhodes at or (573) 225-2155.