160312-194730The Kniestedt Foundation had the pleasure to host a ladies hunting trip for three wounded vets this month at Gravick Ranch in San Isidro, Texas. The three vets, Kisha Makerney, Cheri Arnold, and Roxanne Beeson enjoyed time hunting, shooting and enjoying camaraderie at Gravick Ranch.

160312-090549The weekend started with all three veterans sighting in the CZ rifles they would be hunting with over the days that followed.
The first hunt was successful for two of the three vets with two large hogs being harvested. With one vet not being able to get on any hogs until daylight began ticking away on the last evening of the hunt. But miraculously in the final minutes of the last hunt of the trip she harvested two hogs in one shot to end the hunt making all three hunters successful.

The Kniestedt Foundation would like to thank all the people involved with the hunt including our sponsors CZ-USA, Bluff City Beer, Wilson Combat, Suppressed Tactical Solutions, and The Break.