This week, we’ve decided to share with you some of the greatest fishing locations in the United States of America. If you ever plan to take your RV out of the garage, your portable fish finder out of your drawer, and go on an adventure either by yourself or with your friends and family, you need to check out these angling spots if you consider yourself a fisher of any kind.

To cut it short, our list is composed of twenty-five amazing places where you simply have to practice your fishing skills whenever you have the time. We made sure to include a variety of locations so as to meet the expectations of anglers across the U.S., and even those of people who might be less inclined to travel for long distances.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

As the home of one of the oldest fishing tournaments in the country, this place is considered one of the greatest locations to catch Bluefish and Striped Bass. Of course, depending on the particular area in Martha’s Vineyard you’re going to fish, you can also target bonito, false albacore, and in the South Side, you can even reel in bunker and mackerel. There are several tackle shops available in the area, such as Coop’s Bait & Tackle and Larry’s Tackle Shop, so you don’t even have to take all of your gear with you.

Green River, Utah

If fly fishing is what you have in mind and the type of fish you prefer to reel in is trout, you have to check out Green River. It is the home of a huge trout population, and rainbow trout, specifically. Aside from regular fly tackle, you can also utilize Rapalas and spinners, as they both do a great job. Of course, if you prefer other techniques, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out baitcasting or the best spincast reel, if you’ve recently purchased one and want to know how it feels.

Lodging in the area is available for budget-friendly prices, and the fact that the scenery is a sight for sore eyes practically sells this spot. As it is to be expected from such an amazing location, it’s packed with charter services.

Florida Keys, Florida

This fishing spot boasts a whopping 125 miles of long arc islands. What this means for you is that you can catch fish all year long. Besides, it is worth noting that, unlike other places we’ve tackled in this selection, this one is overflowing with species ranging from redfish to tarpon.

You can even get your hands on some bonefish and snook. If you’re lucky and know how to use your tackle, there’s nothing stopping you from targeting swordfish and white and blue marlin off the Keys. Sport Fishing Mag has published an extensive article about the species you can target in the area.

Thousand Islands, New York

You can probably make out from the name that this area is packed with several species of fish. You can target anything from Northern Pike to Muskies and even Large Mouthed Bass as the diversity is truly breathtaking. What’s more, it’s common knowledge that the Muskies you’ll find in this location can grow up to 60 inches in length. So, you might need to resort to your every skill in order to reel in such a monster.

Besides, the neat thing about this fishing spot is that you can always decide to take a different course and end up angling in Lake Ontario. Just make sure you get your license either from the state of New York or the province of Ontario, depending on where you’re going to be doing your angling.

Montauk, New York

Despite being one of the busiest tourist places in East Hampton, this beach resort is quite famous for its fishing. Montauk can offer you the opportunity to catch some serious flounders, cod, bluefish, fluke, and mackerel in shallow water; in deep waters, you can even reel in some tuna, dolphin fish, blue marlin, as well as shark.

Of course, the fact that it is located on the eastern end of Long Island adds to the overall charm of the area. Plus, the fact that Montauk is filled with heaps of motels in a variety of price ranges is another detail you might be interested in.

Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Because of its unique blend that makes it possible for saltwater coming from the Gulf of Mexico to mix with freshwater from the Peace Myakka and Caloosahatchee rivers, this spot is truly an incredible fishing location. The species diversity is impressive as one can reel in anything from snooks and groupers to redfish and barracuda.

Additionally, you might want to know that Charlotte Harbor offers limitless opportunities when it comes to the type of fishing you can perform. You can engage in anything from kayak fishing to deep sea fishing.

Bighorn River, Montana

If you’re ever in Montana, it would be a shame for you to forego angling in Bighorn River. It’s packed with brown trout, so it is not as diverse as other locations we’ve talked about earlier on. However, if you’re a versatile angler who just so happens to be in the area, we recommend doing some laid-back fly fishing especially as some anglers are even lucky enough to reel in brown trout even with artificial flies.

Orvis has created a report detailing the water conditions, fish species, and recommended gear you might want to use when you’re angling in Bighorn River.

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

While a trip to the Gulf of Mexico is very likely to sweep you off your feet, Golf Shores is most appreciated by anglers because of its diversity. You can target flounder, redfish when shore fishing, but you can also get your hands on some snapper, marlin, tuna, and king mackerel if you go off the coast.

Also, the vast range of fishing charters you’ll find available in the area will allow you to practice your deep sea fishing skills as you’ve probably always wanted. Plus, the area hosts a plethora of restaurants that will cook the fish you’ve caught for you, and there are about twenty-five of such places.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views while you’re strolling on the beach or pushing the best fishing cart containing all of your necessary equipment.

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